International Kelkka Day is 24th December every year. Why?

1. It gives you C-vitamin
2. You will get the fruits you forgot to eat
3. You won't get a hangover
4. It gives you unlimited powers
5. It lets you forget about all the Christmas fuss
6. It gives you unbelievable social skills
7. It gives you a feeling like you're riding a sledge downhill
8. Girls like it, too ;)
9. Why not, mate?! 
10. It tastes f***ing awesome!

Christmas is just a secondary celebration day. Even Santa thinks so. In every bar in any location you'll have to get a taste of Kelkka! 

Toverit! Antaa mennä kun on alamäki!

2 cl - Vodka
2 cl - PASSOÂ The Passion Drink / De Kuyper Passion Fruit
10 cl - Orange